Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills


Hourly Rates:

One-hour minimum at model’s hourly rate.  Length of job must be specified at time of booking.
Model must be paid for length of time booked.

Day Bookings:
All day bookings are computed on an 8 consecutive-hour basis. Day rate must be specified at
time of booking and cannot be changed after the model has arrived at the job. The full day must
be paid even if the entire time is not used.

Before 8 AM, after 6 PM, or after 8 consecutive hours, time and a half will be charged unless specific
arrangements have been otherwise negotiated with the agency.

Time and a half
Minimum of one hour of model’s hourly rate

Means right of first refusal on model’s time.  Holds must be released or confirmed 24 hours
(1 working day) prior to booking, otherwise definite secondaries or definite bookings could firm
tentatives with more than 24 hours anticipation. In those specific cases of confirmation, those
bookings will be firm and the rules of cancellation will not apply.

24 hours prior to booking - full fee. Bookings cut down in time within one working day
before booking, full fee of original booked time will be charged.



Weather Permit:
Half booked time for all cancellations - one-hour minimum.

Shopping Fees:
At client’s request - half model’s hourly rate; maximum one hour.

Wardrobe Fees:
$20 per change for wardrobe supplied by model for commercial or product booking.

Wardrobe Check:
Half the model’s hourly rate per half hour

Half the model’s hourly rate per half hour.

There is no charge for a digital photo at an audition or go-see. If wardrobe is tried on
or special directions are given for the shot, one-half of model’s fee is charged.

Use Rights:
Half the model’s hourly rate per half hour.

Test Jobs:
Half the model’s hourly rate per half hour.

Client Responsibility:
1. Notify if double, triple, or group bookings.
2. Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements
3. When booking weather permit, specify weather requirements.
4. Provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.

 There will be a 20% FEE on all bookings and bonuses, but not on model's expenses.
 All SAG and AFTRA jobs are covered by union contracts.