Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Andre Walker

  • ID: TU890802
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Male
  • Ethnicity : African American
  • Height : 6'3
  • Hair Color : Black
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Shoe : 12
  • Waist : 33
  • Men's Size : L
  • Suit Jacket : 42L
  • Sleeve : 35
  • Neck : 16'5
  • Inseam : 34
  • State : MO


    Andre Nehemiah Walker is a 23 year old Business Analyst born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. He completed his Undergrad @ Arkansas State University where he studied Business/Marketing and also competed in 4 years of Collegiate Track/Cross Country. Acting/Modeling has always been a huge passion of Andre's so he takes appreciation in every opportunity praying that one day he will be able to live his dream.


    Professor- Enterprise Bank (Commercial)

    Athlete Biker- Steele Wheels (Web/Commercial)

    Fitness Model- Apple/Fitbit Technology (Stock Photography)

    Voice Over- Brisk Iced Tea (Commercial)

    Coach Training and Development-YMCA In-House Training

    Veterinarian- Dallas Vet Summit (Website)

    Doctor- Express Scripts (Magazine)

    Patient- Vince and Associates Clinic (Commercial)

    Extra- "Militia" Noise and Color (Short Film)

    Extra- Bus and Party Scene "Float Trip" (Short Film)

    Office Employee- Microsoft 365