Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Bill DeWees

  • ID: TU396000
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Male
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Height : 6'
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Hazel
  • Shoe : 10'5
  • Men's Size : XL
  • Suit Jacket : 44R
  • Sleeve : 33
  • Neck : 16
  • Inseam : 32
  • State : OH

    Bill DeWees is a trusted voice of the world’s most trusted brands.

    He has recorded thousands of commercials, industrials, narrations, training videos, internet videos, TV projects, educational scripts, IVR prompts, on-hold messages, tutorials, e-learning projects, audiobooks, promos, and telephony projects.

    Bill's voice over type has been described as accessible, friendly, genuine, authentic, and believable.

    Credits include, Disney, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, American Express, Pizza Hut, Sears, Whirlpool, NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, National Geographic, Pepsi/Frito Lay, Shell, Pitney Bowes, Tiffany & Co., PGA Tour, Adidas, TD Ameritrade, Safeco, Dell, Lowe's, Exxon Mobil, Motorola, Toro, Oracle, Land O’ Lakes, Butterball, Best Buy, LG, Hitachi, Carlson Hotels, Morgan Stanley, Avaya, Time Warner, Makita, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dagedar Racers, Purina, UBS Financial, Rosetta Stone, Dannon, Volkswagen, Arm & Hammer, Syngenta, Bayer, Elanco, QVC, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Pep Boys, Liberty Mutual, Unilever, Ramada, Nikon, Wells Fargo, Lenovo, Husqvarna, Bosch, Scripps Health, Professional Bullriders Assoc., HP, Prudential, CSG International, FILA, Hospira, Phillips, Cheesecake Factory, Sony, Eli Lily, FEMA, Walmart, Aramark, AAA, Symantec, McCulloch, Holcim, VMWare, Accenture, Simon & Schuster, Nokia, BIC, Wahl, SPX, Lawyers.com, Monster.com, Enterprise, U.S. Dept of Education, BM, Amgen, Tyco, Billy Graham Association, Intuit, Big Lots, SAPPBS, CDM SmithUnderwriter’s Laboratory, Renault, Perry Ellis, PwC, Circle K, Strayer University, Dominos Pizza, CSX, Highlight for Children, ADT, and Ericsson.

    Bill has a broad range of ability, demonstrated in recording projects as varied as high energy infomercials to major corporate imaging pieces, to heartfelt reads for medical institutions and non-profits.