Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Brian Amador

  • ID: TU890649
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Male
  • Ethnicity : Hispanic/Spanish
  • State : MA
  • Special Skills : Fluent Spanish

    Flawless Native, Neutral Latin American, Bilingual -
    Spanish/English, Native, Bicultural Instructional Narrator, Voiceover
    Talent, Hispanic Market Expert

    As a full-time bicultural English/Spanish voice artists working for global
    clients, I help creators of educational and informational content by
    recording commercials, narrations, instructional/eLearning narration
    modules and character voices in English or Spanish.
    I am particularly adept at voicing content related to Hispanics and the
    Spanish language, and use my voice to bring their messages to life,
    recording top-quality evocative narration and voiceovers in my private
    Recording in flawless native, neutral Latin American Spanish, North
    American English, and Hispanic-accented English, my bicultural roots
    enable me to use my voice to build cross-cultural bridges worldwide.
    My voice entertains, motivates, educates and informs, making it easier
    for messages to reach today’s increasingly diverse market, and helping
    producers of content for and about Hispanics or those teaching the
    Spanish language to engage their target audience.

    Studio: ISDN | Source Connect | ipDTL |Skype | Phone Patch.

    • New Mexican/Mexican accent
    • Neutral Latin American Spanish
    • Hispanic-accented English
    • Copy editing & script supervision
    • Translation
    • Localization
    • Children’s Audiobooks (music composition and narration)
    • Overdubbing English to Spanish and Spanish to English