Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Carrody Miller

  • ID: TU668341
  • Union Status : Non-Union, SAG-AFTRA
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Female
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Height : 5'5
  • Hair Color : Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue Green
  • Shoe : 6'5
  • Women's Size : 4
  • Women's T-shirt : S
  • Chest / Bust : 34
  • Waist : 27
  • Hips : 29
  • State : MO

    I'm a born and raised midwest girl, currently working all round the midwest area and beyond it the fields of acting, voice overs, modeling and hand modeling .  I've been in the business for over 20 years.  I have been an Emergency Room Nurse and Forensic Nurse for 16 years.  I married my high school sweetheart and we have two children. We live outside the city and enjoy the peaceful country life. The whole family is represented with Talent Unlimited and have grown up in the fine arts world.   I love to travel, take road trips and our family travels the country for our sons competitive baseball team and our daughters competitive dance team.  I consider myself to be very hard working, reliable and always prepared.  I enjoy making connections with my co-workers and production staff. I love what I do and an eternal optimist!



    1) MasterCard

    2) Sonic

    3) Shutterfly

    4) Hallmark

    5) Downstream Casino

    6) Unity Point Health

    7) Spam

    8) Advantus

    9) Community America Credit Union

    10) Oriental Trading Company

    11) Tivol

    12) 88 Tactical

    13) Capital Federal Savings

    14) Worlds of Fun

    15) Science Diet



    1) CSA- "Joyce"


    1) Hallmark- Teleprompter

    Commercial Print

    1) Hallmark
    2) Oriental Trading Company

    3) Tivol

    4) Science Diet



    1) Sports: dance, baseball, soccer, light running, aerobics
    2) Dialects: southern, valley girl
    4) Dance: ballet, tap, jazz


    1)  A pleasant, professional and positive attitude
    2) Good time-keeping
    3) Patience, stamina and fitness to cope with long days
    4) The ability to cope with criticism and rejection
    5) Fashion sense and awareness of trends
    6) Good coordination
    7) Confidence, self-reliance and discipline

    8) Loves animals