Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Darren Kennedy

  • ID: TU564653
  • Union Status : Non-Union, SAG-AFTRA
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Male
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Height : 6'1
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Shoe : 10
  • Waist : 32'5
  • Men's Size : L
  • Suit Jacket : 42L
  • Sleeve : 35
  • Neck : 16'5
  • Inseam : 34
  • State : MO
  • Special Skills : Teleprompter, Golf

    Darren Kennedy

      • ID: TU564653
      • Union Status : Non-Union, SAG-AFTRA
      • Age Type : Adult
      • Gender : Male
      • Height : 6'1
      • Hair Color : Dark Brown
      • Eye Color : Brown
      • Shoe : 10

        Darren Kennedy has performed professionally in theater, television, and film since early adulthood in Colorado, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Kansas City. He's a proud father of a wonderful son and two goofy, lovable pups. Darren is lucky to journey through the adventure of life with his supportive wife, family, and friends. He feels incredibly fortunate to be a part of the thriving Kansas City Arts community. He enjoys performing on stage with an exceptional theater community, participating in and working with the talented film industry, and appearing in local and national commercials. What he enjoys most as an actor is living the part, earning a laugh, inspiring others, and, quite simply, telling the story.


        GENERAL HOSPITAL Recurring ABC/Dir. Scott McKinsey
        PASSIONS Principle NBC/Dir. Jim Sayegh
        WITHOUT A TRACE Co-Star CBS/Dir. Tim Busfield
        HOT PROPERTY Co-Star ABC/Dir. Andy Ackerman
        JUST SHOOT ME Co-star NBC/Dir. Pam Fryman
        FAST LANE Guest-star Fox/Dir. David Straiton
        GILLMORE GIRLS Co-star WB/Dir. Robert Berlinger
        CSI Co-star CBS/Dir. Ken Fink
        PRETENDER Recurring NBC/Dir. Fred Keller
        ANGEL Co-star WB/Dir. David Greenwalt
        TRUST FUND Supporting Dir. Sandra L. Martin
        SUNDOWN TOWN Supporting Dir. Morgan Cooper
        ON SIGHT Supporting Dir.Tosin Morohunfola
        GOTCHER Lead Dir. Bruce Branit
        MEAN SPIRITED Lead Dir. Chad Crenshaw
        TREEHOUSE Supporting Dir. Michael Bartlett
        ROOK Lead Dir. Brian Reece
        JR. DETECTIVE AGENCY Lead Dir. Tom Whitus
        GAME OF LIFE Supporting Dir. Joseph Merhi
        BREAKDOWN Lead Dir. S. Rothchild
        A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT Lead Dir. Brett Stumpp
        FASHIONABLY LA Featured Dir. Tamara Olsen
        LIAR’S POKER Featured Dir. Jeff Santo

        MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Benedick Heart of America Shakespeare
        SEA MARKS Colm Primrose Kansas City Actors Theatre
        HAMLET Rosencrantz Heart of America Shakespeare
        HOW TO STEAL A PICASSO Mr. Walker Unicorn Theatre - KC
        THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Salario Heart of America Shakespeare
        THE MOTHERF**KER WITH THE HATJackie Unicorn Theatre-KC
        WATER BY THE SPOONFUL Fountainhead Unicorn Theatre-KC
        GREEN WHALES Ray Unicorn Theatre - KC
        I’LL BE BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT Greg American Heartland Theatre-KC
        MAURITIUS Dennis Unicorn Theatre_KC
        PERFECT WEDDING Bill American Heartland Theatre-KC
        LIEUTENANT OF INISHMORE Padraic Unicorn Theatre-KC
        BUSYBODY Detective Johnson New Theatre-KC
        ONCE IN A LIFETIME Jerry Hyland Theatre Neo -LA
        THE SHOE Tony Chenelli Theatre Neo -LA
        WELCOME TO THE MOON Stephen Theatre Neo –LA
        PREY Richard Theatre Neo –LA
        SEX IN THE TITLE Woody Company of Angels –LA
        FAMILIAR DOGS Brad Theatre Geo –LA
        FROM BILLY’S WINDOW Sterling Theatre Geo –LA
        MOON TEA AND LOVE BISCUITS Norman Organic Theatre –Chicago
        ADVENTURES OF REX DANGER Rex Danger Puszh Studios –Chicago
        PRIVATE EYE Jake Manhattan Baliwick Director’s Fest –Chicago

        Scene Study Ted Brunetti Howard Fine Studios-LA
        Technique Howard Fine Howard Fine Studios-LA
        Improvisation Pete Gardner Improv Olympic-LA
        Improvisational Workshop Del Close Improv Olympic-LA
        Scene Study/Shurtleff Technique Deryn Warren -LA
        Scene Study/Shurtleff Technique Jane Brody Audition Centre-Chicago
        Improvisation Steve Carrell Second City Chicago
        Scene Study/Shurtleff Technique Michael Shurtleff Audition Centre-Chicago
        Theatre Studies University of Colorado-Boulder

        Surfing, Golf, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Billiards, Darts, Rollerblading, Skiing, Bongo/Conga Drums, Dancing and Teleprompter.