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Age Type
Special Skills

Edward Patterson

  • ID: TU895188
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Male
  • Ethnicity : African American
  • Height : 6'1
  • Hair Color : Dark Brown
  • Eye Color : Dark Brown
  • Shoe : 12
  • Waist : 32
  • Men's Size : L
  • Suit Jacket : 42L
  • Neck : 16'5
  • State : MO


    I am an aspiring actor using my talents to bring an experience to all who see me. I got my start at the young age of 7 when I tried out for the Oscar Meyer campaign by singing their them song, "If I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner". From there I realized I loved the spotlight and wanted to do anything and everything to be in it again.
    I invested my time and energy at school in music (choir, saxophone, theater). I was part of the traveling choir  called Lawrence Children's Choir (LCC) directed by Janiel Kreibal. We toured all over the country from LA to  Carnegie Hall in New York. Even sang a solo in London, England in front of the Cardinals.

    It wasn't until my first big role in College ( Coke Zero ) that I realized this could support me. I also received my Computer Science Engineering degree from KU during this time, but knew that even though I loved problem solving, it wasn't my passion.

    I have since doven back in to the scene by injecting myself in the industry. I now and the lead host of karaoke bar in the Kansas City Power and Light District called, "Hotel Karaoke".

    I want any and everybody to see me and leave saying, "He killed that! I wonder what he'll be in next". Thru hosting/emceeing/singing I want to bring light to an otherwise dark world. Most importantly, shining my light allows others around me to know their light is worth shining as well. Let's brighten up this world, one role at a time.



    Commercial (Principal Role Only) -

            - Coke Zero

            - Gillette

            - Hallmark ( Mahogany)

            - Columbia College

            - Sprint ( Upgrade ) Web Only

            - Missouri Lottery

            - Kansas Lottery

            - McDonald’s (Extra)


    Film -

            - Burying Mitchell (short film IMDB CREDIT) - Sam Williamson - 2018

            - Wretch (short film) - 2017

            - USV? (Short film) - Morgan Cooper - 2019

    Print -

            - MCC ( Metropolitan Community College)

            - KU ( Kansas University - Engineer Magazine)

            - Sprint


    Singing, Emcee, Host, Karaoke.