Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Issa Lopez

  • ID: TU456121
  • Union Status : Non-Union, SAG-AFTRA
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Female
  • Ethnicity : Hispanic/Spanish
  • State : CO
  • Special Skills : Fluent Spanish

    Getting her start at age sixteen as a demo singer for the likes of J-Lo, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore, it was clear that Issa was born to use her voice. These days, she employs her vocal prowess and unique Latina flavor in the Voiceover world.

    Issa is one of the most in demand Bilingual Voices in the freelance world and has been recognized among the TOP BILINGUAL voice over artists today. 

    Issa's sassy, hip and edgy style can be heard in practically every market across the United States, the Caribbean and South America, her bilingual abilities in English and Spanish makes her perfect for targeting the hispanic, millennials as well as Gen Z and American markets Lending her voice to campaings such as Verizon, Best Buy, and Target.

    One of Issa’s most popular requests is just to talk like herself which sounds like a friendly believable English with Latin accent delivery meeting you perfectly in the middle with a Latin x – Latina English flair which is used now more than ever.

    With nearly 25 years of experience Issa looks forward to connecting with you, and being part of bringing your vision to life.

    Issa Lopez has a full home studio with Source Connect.

    Clients Include: Visa, Oreo, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Six Flags, Marriott, Macy's, Goya, Frito Lay, Ace Hardware, Zales, Verizon, Nabisco, Pandora, Progressive, Listerine, L'Oreal, Fisher-Price, Wendy's, Walmart, and more!


    • Ultra quiet, treated room
    • Sennheiser 416 mic
    • Neuman TLM 103
    • Twisted Wave
    • MacBook Pro
    • Scarlet Focusrite Interface
    • Directed sessions via phone patch or Skype.
    • Various FTP services, email, etc.