Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Lauren Robinson

  • ID: TU798923
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Teen, Adult
  • Gender : Female
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Height : 5'7
  • Hair Color : Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Shoe : 8'5
  • Women's Size : 4
  • Women's T-shirt : S
  • Chest / Bust : 33'5
  • Waist : 25'5
  • Hips : 38
  • Inseam : 29
  • State : KS
  • Special Skills : Singer, Dancer

    I have been dancing and singing on stage since the age of four.   Comedic or outrageous roles are my favorite to play but I enjoy the challenge of bringing depth to each role so that even the most humorous characters have soul.  I absolutely love the stage, and I strongly believe that my passion for connecting with each character I portray would translate well to film.

    I am driven and motivated.  I spend 20-25 hours a week on various lessons and classes to improve on my skills.  I am not afraid of a challenge or hard work and I crave feedback for improvement and growth.

    Some of my favorite roles have been Hope from Urinetown, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, and Alice Murphy in Bright Star.  I am currently a member of the Nationally recognized KC A Capella vocal group.