Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Rosi Amador

  • ID: TU861873
  • Union Status : Non-Union, SAG-AFTRA
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Female
  • Ethnicity : Hispanic/Spanish
  • State : MA
  • Special Skills : Fluent Spanish

    Flawless Native, Neutral Latin American, Bilingual -
    Spanish/English, Native, Bicultural Instructional Narrator,
    Voiceover Talent, Hispanic Market Expert

    As one of the top U.S. based bicultural English/Spanish voice artists working
    internationally, I help media producers, advertising agencies, and creators of
    educational and informational content by recording commercials/marketing
    messages, narration and character voices in native North American English
    or neutral Latin American Spanish, for corporate videos or eLearning
    modules, seamlessly. I am a Society of Voice Arts & Sciences’ 2018 Voice
    Arts Award Winner for my Commercial Voiceover Demo.
    I am particularly adept at voicing content related to Hispanics and the
    Spanish language, and use my voice to bring their messages to life, recording
    top-quality evocative narration and voice-overs in my private studio,
    however I also work a great deal daily in the general market in English.
    Voicing in my flawless, accent-less native, neutral Latin American Spanish
    and in North American English as well as Hispanic-accented English, my
    bicultural roots enable me to use my voice to build cross-cultural bridges
    My voice inspires, motivates, educates and informs, making it easier for
    important information and lessons to reach today’s increasingly diverse
    population, helping producers of content for and about Hispanics or those
    teaching the Spanish language to nail their target audience.
    Originally from Puerto Rico, I was born to Puerto Rican and Argentine
    performer parents who fortunately instilled in me their love of music and the
    spoken word and raised me bilingually, emphasizing the importance of
    speaking, reading, writing and singing both English and Spanish with perfect
    enunciation and expression.

    Full Home Studio: ISDN | Source Connect | ipDTL |Skype | Phone Patch.

    Major Clients/Brands Include:
    American Cancer Society, FEMA, McDonald's, Mattress Firm,
    TJ Maxx, Discovery Familia, Booking.com, Royal Majestic,
    L'Oreal Paris, Expedia Travel, IronMan, Lonely Planet, the
    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, PBS, Comcast,

    Disney, Scholastic, Boston Medical Center, Biogen, CDC-
    Centers for Disease Control, Houghton Mifflin & Harcourt,

    WGBH, the Smithsonian Institute, Komen Foundation,
    OXFAM. Grassroots International, and more.