Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Stephen Janousek

  • ID: TU591835
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Male
  • Ethnicity : Asian, Caucasian
  • Height : 5'6
  • Hair Color : Black
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Shoe : 9'5
  • Waist : 30
  • Men's Size : M
  • Suit Jacket : 38R
  • Sleeve : 30'5
  • Neck : 15
  • Inseam : 30
  • State : IA
  • Special Skills : Football, Basketball, Soccer


    Actor, Commercial Model, Dancer, & Photographer/Cinematographer - Stephen Janousek doesn't want to be labeled any one category thus he feels he can be best summed up as an "artist". In the vein that an artist is one whom expresses their thoughts, feelings, & emotions in whatever medium that may be; whether it may be acting, modeling, dancing, photography or cinematography. The arts have always been a passion for Stephen.

    Danced at Express Yourself Dance Studio in Des Moines, Iowa Taught, as well as at Joyce Maly Dance Studio in Altoona, Iowa

    Went to I.M.T.A - International Modeling and Talent Association in 2006; this is the same convention that fellow Iowan's Ashton Kutcher, Riley Smith, Elijah Wood, Brandon Routh and many more had got there start after being discovered. He Won 2nd Runner Up in Sitcom, Honorable Mention in Monologue, Honorable Mention in Commercial and Honorable Mention in Team Dance/Independent.

    He continues work on his crafts in all fields and splits his time between the Midwest and California.



    Veridian Credit Union                                          couple                            Ben Easter
    Mediacom: Xtream Launch                                college kid                     Pagie Peterson
    A Big Deal for our 5 Million Fans                      coupon/bar code           Old Navy
    IMAX/Science Center of Iowa                            couple                             Paige Peterson
    Seat Belt Brochure                                                 father                              Iowa Governors Traffic Safety
    Target training video – photos                           co-workers                     Target
    Public Service Announcement                            bill-board portfolio      Iowa Governors Traffic Safety

    Akeelah and the Bee                                Mr Chiu                            Des Moines Young Artist Theater
    7 Deadly Sins of Shakespeare                Caliban                              Actors Studio – Ames, IA
    Oliver: gentleman                                    featured                             Actors Studio – Ames, IA

    Runway/Fashion Shows:
    Des Moines Fashion Week                                         Made4ManKind & christianMICHEAL
    Route 66 Harley Davidson Fashion Show              Harley Davidson
    Merle Hay Mall: prom fashion show                       S&K Menswear & Randall’s Formal Wear

    Bank “Just Bank”                                                     principle                               Backrow Studios
    Mediacom “Spirit of Mediacom”                             featured                               Screenscape Studios
    CareFree Dental                                                         principle                              Screenscape Studios
    Baxter Auto                                                                 principle
    Casey's General Store: Hard Day's Work              principle                              Red Noise 6, LLC
    Governors Traffic Safety Bureau: Party Like a Rockstar  featured                       Screenscape Studios
    Fantasia: Dance Revolution                                       featured
    Hyundai                                                                     featured
    EZ Pawn                                                                    principle                               Screenscape Studios
    Samsung: Rabbit                                                     dancer                                   CAPS Inc.
    UNI – I am “UNI”  campaign                                principle                               Such Video
    I.A.A CelebrAsian 2010 – my story                      principle                               I.A.A.
    Penn Foster College – home student                    principle                              Hawthorne Direct
    I-Wireless: MegaTalker Holiday Montage           principle                              Screenscape Studios
    I-Wirelss: MegaTalker Expert                                 principle                              Screenscape Studios
    Penn Foster College - nursing                                 principle                              Hawthorne Direct
    I-Wireless: MegaTalker                                           principle                              Screenscape Studios
    I-Wireless: MegaTalker                                           principle                              Screenscape Studios
    Mediacom                                                                  featured                                Screenscape Studios
    Mediacom                                                                  featured                                Screenscape Studios
    Mediacom                                                                  featured                                Screenscape Studios
    Greater Iowa Credit Union commercial              featured                               Applied Arts & Technology
    Penn Foster College                                                 featured                               Screenscape Studios
    Iowa Lottery commercial Raffle Special             featured                               Screenscape Studios
    Iowa State University commercial                       featured                               MotivFilms
    J.E.L commercial                                                    featured                                MotivFilms
    Body by Jake: ESPN/Las Vegas Special             featured                               Echo Entertainment
    Iowa Lottery commercial Hawkeye Special       featured                               Screenscape Studios
    Riverside Casino commercial                                principle                              Trilix Marketing Group
    Iowa Lottery commercial Iowa State Special     featured                               Screenscape Studios
    I-Wireless commercial                                            principle                              Screenscape Studios
    Hy-Vee commercial                                                 featured                               Applied Arts & Technology

    Active Shooter                                                             featured                              Luminary Creative
    Iowa Student Loan “Working During School”     principle                              Frame Shop Media
    Werner Industrial “Critical Event Reporting”      principle                             Sleight Advertising
    “The Courage to Coach” training video                  featured                              Luminary Creative
    Members Group                                                          principle
    A Big Deal for our 5 Million Fans                            principle                             Old Navy
    IRI Training/Sales                                                      Richard
    Instant Turnaround                                                    principle                            Art Bauer EIC Incorporated
    Kemin Industries                                                         principle                       Applied Arts & Technology
    GenFlex                                                                       principle                             Art Bauer EIC Incorporated
    Greater Des Moines Partnership                                 principle                            Applied Arts & Technology
    Wells Fargo Core Skills                                               principle                              Strategic Media
    Iowa Department of Economic Development        principle                              Screenscape Studios
    Principal Investment                                                   principle                              Applied Arts & Technology
    Wells Fargo: Work place                                             principle                              Strategic Media

    Scene Study                                                            Alan Artist                                              GregAlanWilliams
    Auditioning                                                             Alan Artists                                            GregAlan Williams
    Scene & Character Study                                        Aries Entertainment                                Kimberly Busbee
    Agencies & Representation                                    Abram Artists                                         Jeremy Apody
    Improv                                                                   Eleven Eleven Productions                    Tony Hanngan
    Script reading & Character Breakdown                  Nassif & Baca Casting                            Patrick Baca
    Sitcom, Cold Read, & Commercial Acting              Peak Modeling & Talent                          Ric Coy
    Acting for Auditions/Camera                                  Corell Modeling & Talent                       Randal West
    Intro to the Industry                                               Corell Modeling & Talent                       Mary Corell

    I.M.T.A. Convention 2006                      Sitcom                                         2nd Runner Up
    I.M.T.A. Convention 2006                      Monologue                                  Honorable Mention
    I.M.T.A. Convention 2006                      Cold Read                                   Honorable Mention
    I.M.T.A. Convention 2006                    Team Dance                                 Honorable Mention



    1) Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Track, Football, Tennis, Ping Pong, Bowling
    4) Dance: hip-hop


    1) Great attention to detail.
    2) Good time-keeping
    3) Patience, stamina and fitness to cope with long days
    4) The ability to cope with criticism and rejection
    5) Fashion sense and awareness of trends
    6) Good coordination
    7) Confidence, self-reliance and discipline
    8) Positive attitude.