Union Status
Age Type
Special Skills

Vicki Liston

  • ID: TU251087
  • Union Status : Non-Union
  • Age Type : Adult
  • Gender : Female
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Height : 5'3
  • Hair Color : Blonde
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Shoe : 7'5
  • Women's Size : Zero
  • Women's T-shirt : XS
  • Hips : 24
  • State : NM

    Vicki Liston

    • ID: TU251087
    • Union Status : Non-Union
    • Age Type : Adult
    • Gender : Female
    • Height : 5'3
    • Hair Color : Blonde
    • Eye Color : Blue
    • Shoe : 7'5
    • Women's Size : Zero

      Mensa, model, Master's degree, multi-media talent with the ability to pull what YOU need together in a polished, professional manner. Vicki nails the 'girl next door' and 'young mom' voice casts and has done voice over work on commercials, website narrations, telephony applications, book trailers, e-learning programs, corporate narration, iPad application prompt narration, instructional videos, realtor home tour videos, and more. Hardee's and Carl's Jr, Delta Dental, and the LPGA Golf Association have been among her clients.

      As a classically trained singer, she's sung at Carnegie Hall in New York (twice) and in an internationally-televised program and currently studies under world-renowned baritone, Garrett Liam States.

      She's modeled in print and acted in promotional videos, commercials, and live events for such companies as Anheuser Busch, Nathan's Famous, Aveda, St. Louis Children's Hospital, Knorr, SSM Health, and Dillard's. Vicki's also done extra work for Food Network's 'Restaurant Impossible', several films, and a major motion picture directed by William H. Macy. She has ongoing work as a host on Hometalk TV.

      As a writer, she creates website copy, scripts, and is the resident DIY and home expert for DontWasteYourMoney.com and Simplemost. Vicki's quoted as an expert source in articles appearing on such sites as Realtor.com, Family Handyman, Best Life Online, MSN, HomeBNC, Apartment Therapy, and more. She's also published as an author and photographer and produced a weekly blog for two years while living overseas and traveling to 44 different countries.

      Vicki's the writer, host, narrator, and producer of the award-winning YouTube show, "On The Fly...DIY". With the help of her dog, Bailey Bobcat, a rescue pitbull mix, they create video tutorials of unique projects for the casual DIY'er. Proceeds from this YouTube channel are donated to no-kill animal shelters and rescue organizations.

      She holds a government security clearance and can work special projects which require prior background checks or involve classified, sensitive, or proprietary information.


      June 2012 – present Freelance Voice Talent/Commercial Voice Actor
      October 2014 – present Signed with Azalea Agency for representation (St. Louis, MO area)
      July 2019 – present Voice Over for Spoken Layer
      Dec 2019 – present Owner of Smart Mouth Voice Overs, LLC
      May 2020 – present Signed with Big Mouth Talent Agency for representation (Chicago, IL area)
      May 2020 – present Signed with Talent Unlimited for representation (Kansas City Metro area)

      Voice Over (Client/Product - Type of work; Producer)
      *Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. - E-Learning Narration (multiple modules, ongoing work); CKE
      *Delta Dental Land of Smiles (4 characters); E-learning video series (6 videos total); Shock City Studios
      *LPGA Majors Golf Tournament; Radio commercial; Buzz Factory
      *CKE Program Management System; Corporate Narration/E-learning narration(multiple modules)
      *Dallas Morning News; Website Narration (multiple news articles); Spoken Layer
      *Wired Magazine; Website Narration; Spoken Layer
      * RFP360; Explainer Video Narration; RFP360
      *Coca Cola- Case Study; Corporate Narration; NobleDigital
      *Plated – Case Study; Corporate Narration; NobleDigital/Allen Martinez
      *‘Peek a Box – Wildlife’; iPad App Narration; App A Box
      *Atlanta Journal Constitution; Website Narration; Spoken Layer
      *Fresno Bee; Website Narration (multiple news articles); Spoken Layer
      *Safe Money Monitor; Instructional Video; Reel Qualified
      *Royal Neighbors; Corporate Narration (multiple scripts); dphilms
      *Nooterville; Promotional Video Narration; Pound Pals Nooterville
      *Medium; Website Narration (multiple scripts); Spoken Layer
      *Lifehacker; Website Narration; Spoken Layer
      *Gizmodo; Website Narration (multiple news articles); Spoken Layer
      *Idaho Statesman; Website Narration; Spoken Layer
      *Bring It Up’s Instant Breast Lifts and Breast Shapers; Promotional Video Narration; Virtual Media Group
      *Flipside Gymnastics; Telephony Applications (multiple), four promo video narrations;
      *Financial Adventure; Promotional Video; Th!nkCreative
      *Nick Mavro and Associates; Telephony Application
      *NobleDigital; Telephony Application
      *KDHX; Ongoing Radio Spots (from 2013-present)
      *Martha’s Vineyard Radio; Station ID Tags (multiple)
      *Steel IZE Productions; Video Promos (multiple characters, multiple film projects)
      *American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Corporate Narration; New Vision Communications
      *Traveling Breeze; Telephony Application
      *Donuts – ‘TLD’ and ‘DPML’; Web Video Narration (multiple videos); Tadapix
      *Niki J Bridal; Commercial Narration; dphilms
      *Bridal Bells; Commercial Narration; dphilms
      *You Are A CEO; Website Narration; Michael E Parker Enterprises
      *AS Media; Documentary Narration
      *TQ Logic; Website Narration
      *Allen Interactions; E-Learning Application; John Bell Creative LLC
      *Tramontina; Corporate Narration; Produlz

      *Hometalk TV - Show Host
      *Jim Butler Chevrolet Dealer; Principal Actor - 4 dealership commercials; Life Media Productions
      *St. Louis Business Expo / St. Louis Small Business Monthly; Principal Actor – 6 commercials; Medici Media Space
      *SSM Health; Extra; SSM Hospital Commercial
      *STL Children’s Hospital; Extra; Children’s Hospital Commercial
      *Anheuser Busch; Extra; Budweiser 2015 Holiday Commercial
      *Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs; Extra; Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs
      *Maryville University; Extra ; Maryville University Commercial
      *Hollywood Casino; Extra (Zombie character); Anti-Gambling Campaign Video
      *Restaurant: Impossible (Ep: Mama Campisi); Extra; Restaurant: Impossible/Food Network
      *Andy Williams Christmas Special; Choral Singer; Andy Williams Moon River Theater

      *The Layover; Extra; Director: William H Macy
      *The Empty Man; Extra; Director: David Prior/Fox
      *The Ghost Who Walks; Extra; Director: Cody Stokes
      *The Dark Days; ‘Janitor’ and Extra; Director: David Malone
      *The Box; Extra (with lines); Director: Doveed Linder
      *Mask, Part 3: Freedom; Extra; Tall Hippo
      *God of Wine; Extra; Director: Doveed Linder
      *Parable; Extra; Director: David Malone
      *East Plains: Get Out!; Extra; Fairwood Brothers Production
      *Plastic STL Promo Video; Extra; Plastic STL

      Print Advertising
      *Knorr; Chef#2; Magazine/Web ad
      *Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs; Model; Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

      Live Events
      * Carnegie Hall, NY – ‘Requiem for the Living’ by Dan Forrest; Rehearsal Soloist and Choral Singer; Mid-America Productions
      * Dillards Fashion Show; Runway Model; Dillards
      * Aveda event; Hair Model; Aveda
      * Carnegie Hall, NY – ‘Gloria’ by Vivaldi; Choral Singer; Mid-America Productions

      Video Production
      *Flipside Gymnastics - Promotional videos (multiple)
      *Hometalk TV - DIY show (ongoing; multiple shows)
      *Pound Pals Nooterville – Promotional video
      *On The Fly…DIY – YouTube DIY show (ongoing, multiple shows) – won ‘Most Professional Produced Video’ award from Creator’s Studio.

      Writing/Script Writing
      *On The Fly…DIY – all script writing for YouTube DIY show (ongoing, multiple shows)
      *Hometalk TV – all script writing for DIY show (ongoing, multiple shows)
      *Pound Pals Nooterville – script for promotional video
      *DontWasteYourMoney.com – resident DIY and Home Expert for website (an E.W. Scripps company)
      *Featured expert in multiple articles on Realtor.com, ApartmentTherapy.com, MSN.com, BestLifeOnline, Family Handyman, and more.
      *Author and Photographer of “Europe for the Senses – A Photographic Journal”, published by CreateSpace, 2005.

      *Private voice over coaching with Marc Cashman, Cashman Commercials
      *Advanced Private VO Coaching, Private VO Coaching, VIP Coaching with Moneen Daley-Harte, Mo’ Vibes Voice Overs
      *Kim Hansen Casting Director: Workshops - “How To Work A Room”, “Cold Reading”, “Self-Recorded Auditions”
      *Voice Over Bootcamp, Multiple VO Teleseminars with Susan Berkley, The Great Voice Company
      *Voice Over and Voice Over 101 classes with Troy Duran
      *On Camera Acting Skills workshop with Joni Tackette, Casting Director
      *Hosting workshop with Leslie Surdi
      * Vocal lessons – Garrett Liam States of Concerts International (ongoing; 2015 - present)
      *Adult Acting for the Camera with David Wassilak, Center for Creative Arts (COCA)
      *Character Voices webinar with Joe Loesch

      Special Skills
      * Voice Over
      * Audio Post-Production
      * Video Post-Production
      * Host, writer, producer of award-winning YouTube DIY series, ‘On The Fly…DIY’
      * Host, writer, producer on Hometalk TV
      * Member of Mensa
      * Classically trained soprano and pianist
      * Bachelor’s degree in Music
      * Master’s degree in Management with honors
      * Taught voice over classes at St. Louis Community College
      * Maintains federal Secret security clearance

      Recording Studio
      I own a broadcast level recording studio:
      * StudioBricks One VO Edition isolation booth
      * AudioTechnica AT-4040 microphone
      * Yamaha AG-03 interface
      * Equipped to accommodate live direction during sessions via Source Connect, ipDTL, or Skype.